Investment Process

  • Any Proposal under the Scheme shall pass through two Committees and four stages:
  • Screening Committee (Preliminary Stage): The proposals shall be put up before the screening committee for initial analysis to see whether the proposals are meeting the Eligibility Criteria & Preliminary Appraisal Parameters. After the clearance by the screening committee, the proposal shall be taken up for detailed appraisal, negotiations and structuring.
  • Investment Committee (Final Stage):
  • The detailed proposal prepared by the AMC shall be considered by the Investment Committee for sanction in case of eligible proposals.
  • The proposals appraised by the financing Bankers/FIs may also submit their appraised proposal for references to AMC.
  • The quantum of assistance shall be decided by this committee.
  • Legal Documentation Stage: After the sanction by the Investment Committee, Letter of Intent along with the terms and conditions of sanction shall be issued to the investee company. The necessary legal documentations shall be prepared and executed by the AMC.
  • Disbursement Stage: After the completion of above process the disbursement shall be made as per the terms and conditions of the sanction. The disbursement to the investee companies would be in tranches.  
  • The Screening Committee shall meet on monthly/regular basis to analyse the proposals received.